Würzburg tramway network
WSB GT-N Löwenbrücke 1223
A GT-N tram crossing the Löwenbrücke,
Würzburg, 2007.
Locale Würzburg
Status Operational
Routes 5[1][2]
Operator(s) Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH
Propulsion system(s) Electricity
Electrification 750 V DC
Stock 41[3]
Track length (single) 42 km (Template:HidScript error mi)[3]
Route length ~21 km (Template:HidScript error mi)
Stops 46[2]
<tr><th>Passengers (annually)</th><td>c.20 million[3] </td></tr>
Horsecar era: 1892 (1892)–1900 (1900)
Status Closed
Operator(s) Würzburger Straßenbahn, Havestad, Contag & Cie
Propulsion system(s) Horses
Electric tram era: since 1900 (1900)
Status Still running
Operator(s) Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH
Propulsion system(s) Electricity
Straßenbahn Würzburg

Würzburg tramway network, 2012.

Website Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-GmbH (German)Script error

The Würzburg tramway network (German: Straßenbahnnetz WürzburgScript error) forms part of the public transport system in Würzburg, in the federal state of Bavaria, Germany. The tram network presently consists of five lines,[1] with a total track length of 42 kilometres (Template:HidScript error mi)[2] (yielding a one-way route length of approximately 21 kilometres (Template:HidScript error mi)). It is currently operated by Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH, a subsidiary of Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-GmbH (WVV).


The first horse-drawn tram line opened in Würzburg in 1892.[2][3] The first electrical trams went into operation in Würzburg in 1900.[2]

Beginning in the 1990s, a concerted effort was made to move Würzburg's tramlines into their own rights-of-way and convert them more to a light rail (Stadtbahn) type of operation over the traditional tram system operating in regular road traffic. Currently, most of Würzburg tramlines, outside of sections downtown and in the Sanderau district, operate as light rail in their own rights-of-way. In addition, low-floor light rail vehicles were purchased for the Würzburg.

Lines Edit

As of 2013, the Würzburg tramway network is made up of the following five lines:[1][4]

Line Route Travel time Length*
1 Grombühl Uni-Kliniken – Hauptbahnhof Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo – Juliuspromenade – Stadtmitte – Sanderring – Sanderau 20 min. 10.4 km
2 Hauptbahnhof Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo – Juliuspromenade – Wörthstraße – Zellerau 14 min. 8.0 km
3 Hauptbahnhof Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo – Juliuspromenade – Stadtmitte – Sanderring – Steinbachtal – Reuterstraße – Heuchelhof 27 min. 19.3 km
4 Sanderau – Sanderring – Stadtmitte – Wörthstraße – Zellerau 23 min. 12.6 km
5 Grombühl Uni-Kliniken – Hauptbahnhof Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo – Juliuspromenade – Stadtmitte – Sanderring – Steinbachtal – Reuterstraße – Heuchelhof – Rottenbauer 39 min. 26.2 km

* The figure refers to both directions, ie a complete round trip.


Inline referencesEdit

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